2016-09-09 11:47 pm

Quick Thoughts

Since this is pretty much a personal blog... I figured that I'll start off with some quick thoughts. I've enrolled in a few courses at FutureLearn and Coursera to take up some of my time outside of work. Those have been going well! Of course, it's only week one and nothing major. I hope to finish NaNoWriMo this year. (That's the dream every year, isn't it?)

Maybe I can work on doing multiple types of writing to get that fleshy word count. First drafts are a bitch after all! Hmmm. I've been planning some things for other people in my life. Of course, those will take time to get to become reality. The major thing I am working on fleshing out in those plans: A carving on the wooden box. I need to figure out just how much of the box is going to be carved. I'm no wood carver myself, but I do have a bone I wish to carve. Bone's more brittle than wood, I assume.. So that's gotta be similar, right?